Water Tank Tower
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Water Tank Tower

Factory that manufactures and installs and distributes champagne-shaped, round-shaped steel water storage tanks and various water tanks. At the same time, it offers artesian well drilling services throughout Thailand.

A team to establish a major village water supply system, as well as a contractor for government and commercial projects.

Water Tank Tower

Steel Champagne-shaped Water tank tower takes less time and money to construct than concrete tall tank towers. The storage capacity is between 12 and 300 cubic meters. Our expert professionals are committed to building high-quality water tanks. It is strong and long-lasting, making it ideal for long-term use. The work is ready to be delivered on time and on budget.


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Every technician works hard and completes their tasks on time.

Cutting-edge tools and equipment

We employ cutting-edge, high-efficiency tools and equipment.

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We provide a clear and fair contract instrument as well as a certificate of guarantee.


The company is listed correctly and has a distinct office address.

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We value both small and large clients. Both old and new customers are cared for by us. We continue to provide help even after the insurance has expired.

Tank Price

Production Standard
Body Material
- Carbon Steel SS400 TIS.1479–2558

Steel Welding
- Flux Cored Arc Weldin

Tank Coating
Inside TOA Epoguard W C210 AWWA Standard for Coating Steel Water-Storage TIS.1048-2551
Outside TOA Glipton Super High Gloss Enamel


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We have a skilled technical team who is familiar with the company's standard operating procedures. As a consequence, some of the world's most famous corporations and organizations have entrusted us with their security.

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