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Geological Exploration

Verifying geological conditions is a crucial step in the process of building Groundwater Wells. This can be accomplished through the use of groundwater geological surveys and electrical resistivity measurements. The results of these tests will provide important information such as the coordinates of the drilling site, the most appropriate strategy for constructing the well, the suitable drilling depth, and the estimated amount of groundwater that can be pumped.

In the Nakhon Ratchasima area and its surroundings, Phasuta Development Co., Ltd. is equipped to offer professional and reliable groundwater search and survey services to support the construction of Groundwater Wells.

What is the significance of groundwater surveying?

In geological surveys, groundwater probes are employed. Geoelectrical Ground Water Exploration Resistivity Meter. This survey can help drillers decide where to drill a well. Based on the local conditions, choose the optimal depth and drilling method for the project. Customers want an artesian well that can yield the most water based on the geological factors of the area while spending the least amount of money on drilling, so artesian wells and equipment have a long service life.


Transparency and honesty with our customers

We use only high-quality materials and equipment, and operate with integrity rather than cutting corners.

Responsible and Reliable

Our team of technicians work diligently to complete tasks on time and to the highest standard.

State-of-the-art tools and equipment

We use advanced, high-efficiency tools and equipment to ensure the highest quality of work.

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We provide clear and fair contract agreements, and a certificate of guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction

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Our company is registered and has a distinct physical office address.

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We value our customers and offer continued support, even after the project is completed or the warranty has expired, for both new and returning clients, big or small.

Survey Fee

* The survey fee may be increased in case of survey outside the service area.
* The customer can apply the survey cost as a discount on the drilling of wells with the company.

Before the Survey

Select the desired survey point

The landowner can inform the officer of the desired survey point. (Should be at least 10 meters away from the sewage system)

Soil Condition

The soil surface used in the survey must be dry and smooth. If it is a new landfilled land, it may be necessary to wait for the soil to set completely.

Availability of the survey area

If the land is overgrown with weeds or there is construction waste dispersed about the property, the firm will not assign workers to survey.

Away from high voltage power lines

Cannot explore under high-voltage lines or under metal-covered buildings.In addition, we must measure at least 2 meters from the barbed wire fence.
- If the survey area is large and has no clear territory, the landowner is required to send a representative to clarify the boundaries with the authorities.

Geoelectrical Ground Water Exploration Resistivity Meter
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