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Water Pump

After an artesian well driller has successfully built an artesian well, the next step is to install an underground well pump. Usually, the technician who drills an artesian well must be the one who recommends the form, type and the size of the pump horsepower suitable for pumping groundwater to the owner of the well

Two primary factors are used to evaluate the key properties of a well pump:
1) The ability of artesian wells to produce water (Flow Rate).
2) Establishing the pumping depth

When you have gotten the specifications for the water pump you’ll need, Customers will be able to select their preferred brand and kind of water pump. The groundwater pump now comes in three versions: conventional power (AC), solar power (DC/Off grid), and a hybrid off-grid version.

Underground Water Pump

It can be split into two types based on physical characteristics:

(1) A Standard water pump (Surface Water Pump)
Automatic Water Pump and Centrifugal Pump, it has the advantage of being simple to install. It is simple to use and can carry water over a long distance. However, unlike other pumps of this type, such pumps have a limited capability for sucking up groundwater in deep wells. It has a maximum suction depth of only 8-15 meters below the surface level. As a result, it is unsuitable for pumping groundwater in deep wells in Thailand’s north and northeast.

(2) Submersible pump
Sometimes known as a well pump, is a pump that is used to pump water from artesian wells. It has a cylindrical design that makes it easy to drop into different sizes of artesian wells. Pumping water in wells and at various depths requires a motor and propeller assembly with a variety of sizes and propeller counts. The installation of an underground water pump is limited in terms of its difficulties. A groundwater technician or plumber with the abilities and competence to lower the groundwater pump in particular should install this.


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Water Pump
Installation Cost

Customers can choose from a variety of pumping equipment and solar cell brands on the market today.

Each gadget has its own set of features, such as performance, durability, service life, and after-sales support. Only tested equipment with a high level, ease of use, and long service life will be chosen by our staff. There's also a solid after-sales guarantee. Customers should be able to utilize a variety of devices safely and without having to switch devices frequently.
* Installation charge and artesian pump equipment are included in the price.
* Prices are subject to change due to travel distance and restrictions on entry and transportation.
* Prices do not include plumbing and water storage tanks.
* Prices do not include VAT.

Work Samples

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