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Our planet is dealing with a plethora of complicated difficulties. All of these things have an impact on future existence, whether it’s climate change, natural resource and environmental challenges, or food security.

If you want to develop your area in order to be ready for the future. We would like to offer our services to assist you in achieving basic life convenience. Install a water supply system and a solar water pumping system, comprising the manufacturing and installation of water tank towers, whether delivering groundwater for use. We want to provide you and your family more security in life by lowering your reliance on outside influences.


Transparency and honesty with our customers

We use only high-quality materials and equipment, and operate with integrity rather than cutting corners.

Responsible and Reliable

Our team of technicians work diligently to complete tasks on time and to the highest standard.

State-of-the-art tools and equipment

We use advanced, high-efficiency tools and equipment to ensure the highest quality of work.

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We provide clear and fair contract agreements, and a certificate of guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction

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Our company is registered and has a distinct physical office address.

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We value our customers and offer continued support, even after the project is completed or the warranty has expired, for both new and returning clients, big or small.
Years of Experience
Exploration Survey
Using electrical resistivity measurements to determine the type of groundwater and compute depth and volume during a geological survey. Identify groundwater drilling targets with potential using groundwater exploration surveys
Exploration Service
Artesian Well
We concentrate on constructing high-quality artesian wells that generate pure water and last a long time. The area's maximum water potential will be extracted by a team of expert groundwater drillers.
Well Drilling

Work Samples

Water Tank Tower
Champagne-shaped steel tank towers, round steel tank towers, water tanks, and other designs are among the products we manufacture and distribute.
Work Samples

Our Valued Customers


We are proud to have a skilled and experienced technical team who is well-versed in our company's standard operating procedures. This level of expertise has earned us the trust of many reputable corporations and organizations around the world. We are committed to provide them with high-quality and dependable services, assuring the safety and security of their projects.

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How much does it cost to drill an artesian well in Thailand?

You can estimate the cost of drilling wells on your own.